Resources for Supporting Native American Communities

Inital 2020 compilation of groups and organizations in the United States.

Tojolabal Text Concordance and Dictionary

The Tojolabal project ran from September 1976 until February 1980 and was one of the earliest computer-assisted Dictionary and Text Concordance projects for an indigenous language. This work was something of a technological “bleeding edge” effort, and completely rewriting the Concordance and Dictionary to bring them to conformity with present-day computational conventions and linguistic frameworks would require long effort. However, a number of persons have asked that the information be made conveniently available again, and since microfiche readers are not so common as they once were, we are answering the request by providing the originals in a format that the user can access via computer download. The Museum of Anthropology is pleased to make available as free downloads the Tojolabal-Maya text concordance and a Tojolabal-Maya-English root and word dictionary, plus an introduction to their use (the NEH Report for the Project).

We hope that this edition will help further knowledge of this Mayan language, and apologize for the transliteration required on the part of the user.

E-Book: Traditional Archery from Six Continents

This open-access ebook is a joint publication of the College of Arts and Science, the University of Missouri Press, and the Museum of Anthropology. The book highlights pieces from the Grayson Archery Collection.

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