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Kachina After School Workshop April 2018
Discover Archaeology Summer Camp 2018
Osage Workshop September 2018

Education at the Museum

The Museum supports the University's dedication to public education by providing exhibits that convey the richness of Missouri's prehistory and the diversity of Native American cultures throughout the United States. Collections not on exhibit are available for viewing through our Online Database.  Faculty and graduate students may also request to use collections to supplement classroom experiences and for special projects and research.

Guided tours of museum exhibits and other public programs are available to area schools (elementary through college level and adult education), homeschoolers, community organizations, and other interested groups. Please visit our Tour Information page for more information on how to schedule a tour.

Additionally, the Museum provides a variety of opportunities for young adults to gain experience in museum methods and practices through volunteer work.


Elementary and Secondary Education

At Your School

In addition to our programs at the museum, the Museum of Anthropology offers the possiblity of our staff coming to you. We have a variety of objects in our teaching collection that we are able to bring to the classroom. Past visits have included talks about Native Missourians, archaeological methods, and cultures around the world.

If you would like to schedule a staff member to visit your school, please email our Education Coordinator.

Source By Sunday Collaboration

Starting in 2018, the museum will be collaborating on a weekly basis with the Columbia Public Schools Social Studies Department, to bring a weekly article and activity to the classrooms that highlight an object from our collections.  An archive of Source by Sunday articles are below and are free to download. 

After School Workshops and Summer Camps

New programs will be announced when available.

The museum's generally holds an after school workshop once a month during the school year.  Workshops are free. The workshops include presentations on artifacts and cultures from the designated areas as well as fun activities such as craft projects, traditional folktales, music and games. Children’s classes offered through the Museum of Anthropology take place at Mizzou North in either room 707 or the Anthropology Library from 3:30-5:00pm. They are designed for children ages 6 -12.  Class sizes are limited to the first 15 registrants, so please call 882-3573 or send an email to to enroll your child.