General Information

The Museum of Anthropology maintains a number of databases containing information on the Museum's collections. These databases are available online for educational and research purposes. Information in the Museum of Anthropology collection databases may be used by individuals or groups for education and research, but may not be repackaged, resold, or redistributed in any form without the written consent of the University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology.

Tips for Using the Museum Databases

  • Choose your database.
  • Log in as a “Guest” and click on the magnifying glass icon (“Find”).
  • Enter search terms into one or more fields and click the "Perform Find" button in the status area at top of screen.
  • Use the book icon in the status area to move from one record to another in the found set.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon (”Find”) to return to find mode and perform additional searches.
  • When finished working with a database, please be sure to click the "Log Out" button in the status area to close your session.

Accuracy and Updates

Although we make every attempt to provide reliable identification and descriptions of collections in our databases, they are being revised and added to on a daily basis.  The Web versions of our databases are updated regularly to provide users with the most current data available.

For additional assistance, contact the Museum at:

More Info

Database Descriptions and Links

General Collection
Object descriptions and images for items in the Museum's ethnographic and historical collections, as well as a portion of the Museum's archaeological collections.

Grayson Collection
Object descriptions and images for items in the Museum's Grayson Archery Collection.

Grayson Library
A catalog of archival and library materials associated with the Grayson Archery collection.

Eichenberger Cast Collection
A listing of items in the Museum's Eichenberger archaeological cast collection.

American Archaeology Division
Online database of artifacts held by the American Archaeology Division.