As the sole federally approved archaeological curation facility in Missouri, the MoA's Museum Support Center is a major research center for the study of American archaeology. The Center serves as the repository for the majority of archaeological material produced from the myriad of research, educational projects and federally mandated cultural resource management projects conducted in the state.  The Museum Support Center also houses the Museum of Anthropology's extensive collection.

Collections of archaeological and ethnographic materials are available for use by faculty, students, and other qualified professionals conducting legitimate research. Students doing research must submit proposals to a professor who must vouch for that student in writing to the American Archaeology Division curator.  All researchers are checked out to the best of our ability to ensure that site locations will not be used for collection.

Archaeological Survey of Missouri

The Archaeological Survey of Missouri (ASM) was a joint activity of the Missouri Archaeological Society and the University of Missouri that maintained files on all prehistoric and historical-period sites reported in Missouri. The ASM is no longer conducting file searches.  The site files are available on a controlled basis to qualified researchers, organizations, or companies involved in research, who have received approval for their research through the American Archaeology Division curator. If any person, be it professional or amateur, is found to be using the site files for personal gain, that person will be banned forever from using the archaeological survey's resources and also risks being banned from membership in the Missouri Archaeological Society.

For project approval contact Jessica Boldt, AAD Curator: or

For Research of Museum Collections including Grayson Archery Collection:

Candace Sall

For Research of American Archaeology Division:

Jessica Boldt, AAD Curator

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Museum Support Center Location and Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Located at 1411 Rock Quarry Road, south of Stadium Blvd.