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"Hezzie" Goes to War: World War I through the Eyes of a Mid-Missourian

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I've Seen Enough

Destruction and Devastation

"I've Seen and Experienced Enough"

German Souvenirs

"I Have Seen France"

Going Home

International Bridge
International Bridge
French-Spanish Border

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"I Have Seen France"

Letter No. 117

France, 13 February, 1919

. . .
In conclusion, I have seen France I feel. I have seen all sides and corners of it, her mountains and rivers, largest town and her famous battle fields, and practically all the famous chateaus and other places of historical interest. I should like to see France again in five or ten years from now after she has had time to recover from this awful war but just at present I WANT to go home for I have seen enough for this time. I have seen, heard and experienced so much that nothing much startles or even interests me any more; I take my camera along but carry it for days without taking a picture often. The rest of the time over here we will pass as best we can but we are all getting most awfully anxious to leave France behind and see a bit of the U.S.A once more.

Your loving son,

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