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"Hezzie" Goes to War: World War I through the Eyes of a Mid-Missourian

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I've Seen Enough

Destruction and Devastation

"I've Seen and Experienced Enough"

German Souvenirs

"I Have Seen France"

Going Home

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Ruins with Soldiers
Ruins with Soldiers
Western Front

"Wired and Blocked
Front Line Trench"

Front line trench
Front Line Trench
Western Front

Destruction and Devastation

Letter No. 97

[This letter continues describing Hezzie's visit to the German front lines. See Orders: Western Front Experience, Letter No. 95.]

France, 21 Nov. 1918

We were glad to get to go just at this time for you can now see it as it is without actually being in it. However, it was a relief to get back to where the area had not been battled over. I saw destruction, devastation, and desolation until I was thoroughly filled. All the next night I saw in my sleep, tangled wire, broken cannon, battered towns and dead horses.

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