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World War I through the Eyes of a Mid-Missourian

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J H Pattrick Goes to France
hometown newspaper article

Telegram from Mother and Dad

Dear Mother and Dad
explaining decision

War Diary: with Pershing on the HMS Baltic

Letters from the Baltic

War Diary: London

War Diary: Arriving in France

Dear Mother and Dad
arriving in Paris

John Pattrick Identity Card
John H. Pattrick
American Expeditionary Forces
Identity Card

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"I know how much it must have cost you in heart throbs and tears and God forgive me for what anxiety and worry it has caused you but Heaven knows I have tried to do my duty and I hope you will think it is for the best."

When John "Hezzie" Pattrick volunteered as part of the civilian support effort, he sought the advice of friends and advisors in Washington, D.C. His tender and frank letter home to his parents explaining his decision reveals his deep concern over the effect of his decision on his parents. He obviously is torn between his duty to his country and, as an only child, his duty to his parents.

His letters from the Baltic to his parents and his early War Diary documents his experiences on the Baltic, the Americans arrival in England, and the ecstatic reception this first wave of Americans received in France.

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