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Equatorial Africa: Material Culture from Peoples of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya

Equatorial Africa: Material Culture from Peoples of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya

Equatorial Africa is an area of the continent consisting of diverse cultures, climates, and equatorial africa mapvegetation. The environment of the Congo (the present-day countries of the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Uganda ranges from rain forest to savanna. Kenya's boundaries encompass mixed forest and grassland in the west and steppe and desert in the east and along the coastline. Adaptations to these environments have resulted in two predominant subsistence methods in Equatorial Africa - agriculturalism and pastoralism.

This online exhibit presents material culture related to the lifeways of a number of agricultural and pastoral groups of this region. These materials from the Museum's ethnographic collections include a variety of weapons, musical instruments, and personal and domestic items.


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Maps used in this exhibit courtesy of World Factbook and ArtToday.

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Check the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries for these references.

This exhibit was prepared by student assistants Elizabeth Bland and Charmagne Thompson.

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