Museum of Anthropology Grayson Archery Library

The Grayson Archery library is a reference library that is part of the Museum of Anthropology’s collections. This library consists of over 1000 books, journals, and magazines on the topic of archery. The books pair with the Grayson Archery collection, a collection that the museum holds of over 5,000 individual archery pieces, collected by Dr. Charles Grayson. The library holds references on topics such as archery technology, the development of archery, archery artworks, and archery traditions from all over the world. In addition, the library holds substantial collections of Primitive Archer and Bowhunter.

Faculty, staff, students, and the public are welcome to visit the Grayson Archery Library. It is currently available for read-only at the Museum Support Center located on 1411 Rock Quarry Road. Please contact Audrey Gayou for library hours or assistance with searching the library database.


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