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Quiver and Arrows

Northern California
Late 19th–20th centuries

Quiver made of a marten pelt sewn closed at the mouth and the fur turned toward the inside; three acorn-woodpecker scalps and strands of black and white glass beads decorate the tail.

The arrows have wooden shafts, V-shaped self nocks, and three hawk feathers glued and wrapped on with sinew. The triangular heads are of jasper and slate (for warfare and large game) and carved bone (for small animals and birds); the heads are lashed to the shafts with sinew. One of the jasper-head arrows is a fishing arrow with a barbed bone foreshaft, painted black. All the arrows are decorated with bands of red, blue, and black paint in various widths and patterns.

Quiver is 79.2 cm long and 12.1 cm wide.
Arrows are 76.8-81.5 cm long and average 0.8 cm in diameter;
stone heads are 1.8-3.7 cm long, and bone heads are 4.0-7.3 cm long.

MAC 1994-0897, 1994-0691, and 1994-0675