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Grayson Archery Collection

Charles E. Grayson, a retired radiologist, has been active in archery and the collection of archery-related materials for over 70 years. Dr. Grayson has donated one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of archery-related materials in the world to the Museum of Anthropology. The collection includes over 5000 pieces from various cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas, Indonesia, and the South Pacific and spans thousands of years. An assemblage of long bows dating from 1850 to the present and the world's only complete collection of flight bows are included, as are archery-related artwork, library materials, thumb rings, jewelry, bracers, and other accessories. Complementing the Grayson material is a collection of over 200 additional thumb rings donated by Mrs. William F. Browne in memory of her husband and the Bowser/Browne Collection of Japanese ivory carvings and other objects depicting archers.

Parts of the Grayson Collection are on display at the Museum's exhibit hall and in a special exhibition area of the Museum Support Center. Much of the collection remains in storage but can be viewed by special appointment. Contact the Museum at or 573-882-3764.

Traditional Archery from Six Continents
The Charles E. Grayson Collection
Text by Charles E. Grayson, Mary French, and Michael J. O'Brien
Photographs by Daniel S. Glover

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