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Grab your coffee, tea, or mimosa and join us via Zoom every Thursday morning in October at 10 am to discuss our autumn book read. You can participate in some or all zoom sessions for a relaxed discussion.

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Our October read is:

The Freshour Cylinders
a novel

By: Speer Morgan,204,203,200_.jpg

Review from Publishers Weekly

The Freshour Cylinders

Speer Morgan, Author MacAdam/Cage Publishing (345p) ISBN 978-1-878448-84-2

Native American assistant prosecutor Tom Freshour (last seen in The Whipping Boy, 1994) investigates a murder in Depression-era Fort Smith, Ark., on the Oklahoma border, in Morgan's Chandler-indebted fourth. The dead man, local eccentric Lee Guessner, trafficked artifacts from the famous Spiro Mound nearby, but was also involved in one of the elaborate real estate frauds that flourished at the time on former Native American lands. When lovely, smart-cookie Rainy Davis shows up as the unlikely inheritor (Lee had met her on a South American dig), she sparks Tom's love as he remembers wooing her mother. Along with trusty old court bailiff Hank, they sift through the local landscape and Native American heritage to exact justice, not only for murder, but also for crimes against Native American land, spirit and history. Years later, Tom tells the story into cylinders on an old Dictaphone machine and these are discovered later still, providing a neat framing device (and the story's title). Tom's tone shifts back and forth from sensitive outsider to marauding vigilante, but traditional characters like Tom's clueless wealthy boss, the dirty local sheriff and the judge with a secret make this a satisfying (if sometimes slow-moving) thriller with the added enjoyment of authentic depictions of Native American culture and history. (Oct.) FYI: Morgan is the editor of the Missouri Review.


Copies are available for checkout at Ellis Library on the MU Campus or for purchase through multiple retailers in multiple formats including digital and audiobook.

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