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Central and South America - Ethnographic Collection

The ethnographic collection includes several hundred items representing cultures of Central and South America. The Museum holds a large collection of ceramics, textiles, and other materials from Guatemala, and a small collection of Cuna textiles from Panama. Items from Mexico include garments, ceramic vessels, and other items used in cooking and food preparation. Also included is the Sandstrom Collection of amate figures made by the Otomi of San Pablito, as well as other examples of Mexican folk art.

Materials from South America include bows, arrows, textiles, and feathered apparel from the Amazon Basin, and textiles and domestic items from Peru.

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Museum Collection Databases

Ecuadoran Breastplate
Ecuadoran Breastplate
mid 20th century
palm bark, beads, seeds,
paint, feathers

Mexico Otomi Amate Figure
Mexico Otomi Amate Figure
Sandstrom Collection