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Asia - Ethnographic Collection

The ethnographic collection includes over a thousand items representing Asian cultures. Materials representing China, Korea, and Japan include coins; clothing, hats and shoes; personal ornaments and items such as pipes, combs, and eyeglasses; writing implements; prints, figurines, and dolls; ceremonial items such as prayer beads and Shinto temples; the Browne Collection of Chinese archery thumb rings; and the Bowser Collection of Japanese ivory carvings.

Cultures of Southeast Asia are represented by the Deevey Collection of tools, basketry, apparel, domestic items, and shadow puppets from Thailand; Indonesian basketry and prints; and hats, ornaments, hunting equipment, weaponry, tools, and other items of daily life from the Philippines. Personal apparel from India and areas of the Middle East such as Israel and Afghanistan are also included.

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Museum Collection Databases

shadow puppet
Thai Shadow Puppet
late 20th century
Deevey Thailand Collection

Philippine & Indonesian Hats
ca. 1903
Mitchell Collection
MAC1966-0510, -0519, -0521