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Hispanic Colonial Documents (Reproductions)

Summary Information

Records Title: Hispanic Colonial Documents (Reproductions)
Dates: 18th - 20th centuries
Volume: 4 Boxes (1 and 1/3 cubic ft; 1.67 linear ft)
Location: Museum of Anthropology Archives

Scope and Content

These documents are primarily reproductions of, or notes about, Hispanic colonial census and linguistic records from archives in Central America and Spain. They were made by Museum of Anthropology staff members in the 1970s and 1980s who had research interests in those areas.

Container List

Box 1 Hispanic Census Records and Historical Records (copies)

FF1 Chiqila, Guatemala El Progreso (listings by year)
FF2 1816 Census Santo Domingo Coban
FF3 1821 Census Santa Catalina Chiamiguin
FF4 San Cristobal Cahcoh
FF5 1720-1740 Manuscripts on the Tojolabal, Tzeltel, and Soconusco, Chiapas.
FF6 1749 Tacuilah

Box 2 Hispanic Census Records and Linguistics (copies)

FF1 Field Notes, 1964 Diegueno Linguistics
FF2 Guatemalan Mineral Survey
FF3 1821 Census San Luis Xilotepeque, Xalapa Dept., Guatemala
FF4 1821 Census Xalapa, Xalapa Dept., Guatemala
FF5 1789 Records of Indian tribute to Spain
FF6 1813 Census
FF7 1821 Census Guazacapan
FF8 1821 Census Comapa
FF9 Document
FF10 Guatemalan Atlas 1832 (Ethnohistory)
FF11 1938 Maya Grammar Book: Yucatec Linguistics
Five microfilm reels regarding Otomi vocabulary and census data

Box 3 Hispanic Census Records (copies), Linguistics, and Related Academic Papers

FF1 1821 Census Padron San Agustin Lanquin Verapaz
FF2 1821 Census Padron San Geronimo Verapaz
FF3 1821 Census Padron Santa Maria Cajabon Verapaz
FF4A Linguistics: Mayan (Kekchi) ca. 1725
FF4B Linguistics: Mayan (Kekchi) ca. 1725 copies
FF5 Linguistics: Cakchiguel, Tzutuhil, Quiche
FF6 "A Tumpline Economy" by L.H. Feldman; Early Central-East Guatemala
FF7 1957 Dissertation; Ethnohistory: Tula; "Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl of Tollan"

Box 4 Maya Ethnohistory and Dieguano Linguistics

FF1 Notes on the Archival General Centro America (Maya Ethnohistory)
FF2 Diegueno Linguistics, Diegueno-English Vocabulary

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