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Cordle Papers ca. 1930-1960

Summary Information

Records Title: Cordle Papers
Dates: ca. 1930-1960
Volume: 6 Boxes (2 cubic ft; 2.5 linear ft)
Location: Museum of Anthropology Archives

Historical/Biographical Information

Wendell H. Cordle and Hallie Jones Cordle were both born near Green City, Missouri, in the late 1890s. After marrying in 1916, they attended State Teachers College in Kirksville, Missouri. From about 1921 to 1931, the Cordles taught at schools in the Philippines and British Malaysia. The remainder of their careers was spent teaching at Government-run schools in Alaska and Arizona as part of the Department of the Interior. Wendell also served as principal in several of the schools. At various times, each pursued advanced degrees at the University of Missouri, Wendell in educational administration and Hallie in anthropology. Over the years, the Cordles donated a collection of almost 200 ethnographic items from Alaska, the Philippines, and Malaysia to the Museum of Anthropology.

Scope and Content

The papers consist of the Cordles' correspondence with family members and government administrators, much of which includes detailed accounts of their interactions with the native communities in which they taught; documents related to school curricula and community projects; ethnographic interviews conducted with Native Alaskans; academic course materials; photographs and biographical information. Also included are a number of stories and articles written by Hallie, primarily dealing with life in Alaska, one of which was published in the Kansas City Star in 1941.

Container List

Box 1 General

FF1 Biographical Information
FF2 Information Regarding Museum of Anthropology Donations
FF3 Photographs
FF4 Miscellaneous Notes
FF5 Miscellaneous Publications, Articles, etc.

Box 2 Hallie J. Cordle

FF1 MU Coursework
FF2 MU Coursework
FF3 MU Coursework - Feature Writing
FF4 Notes on Women's History
FF5 Correspondence with Publishers re Articles, 1940-41
FF6 Stories and Articles
FF7 Kansas City Star Article, 1941

Box 3 British Malaysia

FF1 Correspondence, 1927
FF2 Correspondence, 1928
FF3 Correspondence, 1928
FF4 Correspondence, 1929-30
FF5 Correspondence, 1929
FF6 Correspondence, 1930
FF7 Correspondence, n.d.
FF8 Miscellaneous
FF9 Miscellaneous

Box 4 Alaska

FF1 Hoonah, 1933, 1936-40
FF2 Kotzebue, 1933-36
FF3 Metlakatla, 1941-49
FF4 Metlakatla, 1941-49
FF5 School Curricula/Standards
FF6 Miscellaneous

Box 5 Alaska

FF1 Arctic/Alaska/Native Alaskan Notes
FF2 Notes on Eskimo Culture
FF3 Eskimo Stories
FF4 Alaska/Native Alaskan-related Publications and Articles
FF5 Interviews - Outline/Questions
FF6 Interviews - Questionnaires on Eskimo Homes & Home Life
FF7 Interviews - Eskimo Women - Miscellaneous
FF8 Interviews - Norma
FF9 Interviews - Birch, Mildred Keaton, Ina Carlson, Sara Purkeypile
FF10 Interviews - Maggie Adams
FF11 Interviews - Daisy Brown
FF12 Interviews - Mrs. Doums
FF13 Interviews - Minnie Ferguson
FF14 Interviews - Beulah Gregg
FF15 Interviews - Gregg
FF16 Interviews - Harrison
FF17 Interviews - Gertrude Ituk
FF18 Interviews - Blind Johnnie
FF19 Interviews - Mary Johnson
FF20 Interviews - I. Kerns
FF21 Interviews - Lela Kiana
FF22 Interviews - Alice Lincoln
FF23 Interviews - Susie Lockhart
FF24 Interviews - Mackindie
FF25 Interviews - Boris Magis, Trader
FF26 Interviews - Effie Richards
FF27 Interviews - Norma Robinson
FF28 Interviews - Lena S.
FF29 Interviews - Carrie Samms
FF30 Interviews - Mrs. Savilina
FF31 Interviews - Frank Stoker, Trader
FF32 Interviews - Martha Thomas
FF33 Interviews - Toosask
FF34 Interviews - Mrs. Vernon, Trader
FF35 Interviews - Esther Vestal
FF36 Interviews - Fannie William
FF37 Interviews - Varnell
FF38 Interviews - George Waggoner, U.S. Deputy Marshal
FF39 Interviews - Henry Xavier, U.S. Deputy Marshal
FF40 Interviews - Religion

Box 6 Arizona

FF1 Correspondence
FF2 Indian Service Summer School, Stewart, Nevada, 1949
FF3 Hopi Information and Materials
FF4 Native American Affairs and Information
FF5 Miscellaneous
FF6 Museum of Northern Arizona Publications

Inuit snow goggles
Inuit Snow Goggles
Kotzebue, Alaska