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The Eichenberger Cast Collection contains expert copies (see an example using the Lilbourn Mace) of many of the world's renowned archaeological finds. The casts are the work of J. Allen Eichenberger (1905-1988), a banker from Saverton, Missouri, and a long-time member of the Missouri Archaeological Society. Eichenberger's greatest achievements in archaeology were in the field of artifact casting, producing an estimated 700 copies of many of the world's renowned archaeological finds. His process in making replicas and duplicating colors was unmatched in the field.

Eichenberger performed his casting duties while a research associate for the American Archaeology Division at the University of Missouri, during which time he worked with a number of notable archaeologists. He copied most of the known Paleoindian material from the western United States, examples of most Archaic-period types from the Midwest, numerous catlinite pipes and tablets, several pieces of engraved shell, and a number of specimens from Europe, Africa, and South America.

In 1983 the Smithsonian Institution recognized Eichenberger for his achievements, presenting him with a certificate of recognition and receiving in return master copies of 650 of his pieces. Eichenberger's mastery is built upon by Peter Bostrum who continues the tradition, refining the processes.

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